Infinite Luxury Empowers Local Communities

Infinite Luxury's core values and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are a guide on how we conduct business activities, support our local communities and work to protect the environment. We will continue to share our progress and look forward to launching our next generation of environmental and social sustainability goals in the near future.

Our recent CSR activities continue to empower local communities where we do live and work via our flagship property Kata Rocks. The company aims to increase its CSR and charity-based assistance around Phuket and into new destinations as the company grows. Infinite Luxury organises its own charitable events at Kata Rocks and also supports local charities that work directly to assist those in need.

Infinite Luxury continues to seek out innovative partnerships to create join initiatives that support and give back to local communities. It's a pledge that our resort colleagues value and seek to actively play a part in as we expand our business network.

Our CSR outreach and charitable activities included a wide spectrum of events to involve as many communities as possible. Current Phuket's community-based philanthropy usually evolves from local temples or mosques, non-government organisations (NGOs) or a direct activity or event hosted at the resort.