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Infinite Luxury is one of Thailand’s foremost property development and resort management brands, led and managed by founder and CEO Richard Pope. (Read Richard’s interview in One Coast Magazine)

The British businessman has almost 30 years’ experience developing and managing highly successful construction and real estate projects in the UK and Thailand. For a long period of time, Richard developed highly success residential projects in Notting Hill one of London’s most prosperous areas before launching Infinite Luxury in Phuket.

Infinite Luxury has built a professional in-house team of leading industry specialists from key sectors including real estate development and Phuket property developments & project management, design and construction, legal expertise, marketing and sales, resort operations and luxury property management.

Since then Kata Rocks has gone on to win numerous honours at the prestigious International Property Awards including ‘Best Apartment in the World’ and ‘Best Development Marketing’ surpassing all other entries from 110 countries in each case. 

The group is looking to expand with the right partners and investors, to developed potential resorts in luxury destinations, in Asia and around the world .

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